Your Name: Harsh R. Savergaonkar

Grade Level: 10th grade

School or Organization Name: New India School

Co-Presenter Name(s): None

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: India (Asia)

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Middle and High School Students, Teachers and Parents

Short Session Description (one line): I will talk about upgrading the way of education by bringing together the schools and individuals from all over the world by using share and learn and other various features.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Sharing is a vital life skill.Kids learn this skill at very early age and this learning starts from home itself. From sharing kids learns that if they give a little to others they can expect something that they want or they need from others. Though initially they find sharing challenging in later life they understood that the world runs on sharing.

Sharing is growing together. Sharing is learning together.

From research it is proved that to learn, student must do more than listening, reading and writing. Student must gather information about the subject, discuss with peers and analyze others experiences and do the evaluations. Sharing the information you hold with others, sharing your ideas and understanding the responses, helping others in understanding the topics, motivating them to learn new things is what ‘Share and Learn’ is. Peer to peer communication is the backbone of the ‘Share and Learn’ concept.

In this presentation I will discuss the idea of ‘share and learn’ education tool.

Concept of this learning :- Share and Learn is the model of learning which focuses on sharing your knowledge and your experiences with others so they can be helpful to others. This learning engages students in many ways. There are diverse tools like project base learning, activity based learning, flash card presentation, discussions. There can be specific curriculum but flexibility to know about the topics. Increase the horizon of your knowledge will be the characteristic of this platform. Learning in my way is the motto of this platform.


Outline of this tool: - The significant portion of education generally takes beyond classroom. Students up to the 10 th grade are welcomed as a beneficiaries. However children of this age can also share their knowledge, projects made or essays written. This way it can be used by others as extension of classroom studies. Let me explain the idea.

1)Sharing knowledge- Senior students , experienced professionals, educated parents, school teachers will donate their valuable time ho help others learn. Your willingness to share your knowledge with the community is important.

2)Letting others know about educational opportunities- Every now and then we come across many opportunities. Every time they are not of our interests or we don’t know the person personally having same interest .we can share it here.

4)Giving healthy feedback on posts- Telling members frankly and positively on how they can improve.

5) Volunteering time- Time is valuable. Experts, participants and members will need to give their valuable time to share your knowledge. Helping others is not easy. You need to sacrifices on your valuable time.

Any student from any part of world who is having internet access can be part of this.Goal is educating students by sharing knowledge and your expertise and and contributing your valuable time.

Students also have many ideas but they are not flourished or are forgotten by them. Here if you have any simple and innovative idea you can post. People can like, suggest, join, help.


 Main Focuses:

  •  To create one global school with the plus points and best parts of each school.
  •  Share and learn
  •  Learn it my way ( customized and special learning for each through- audio, video, read)
  •  Teachers can upload assignments, projects, homeworks….. students world wide can solve, do , take  part.
  •  Learn various languages through using them. Learning a language is easier by conversing with students  around the globe knowing that language. They can make a pen friend here.
  •  Small games related to the topic.
  •  Everything is completely free 
  •  Students can share and show projects they made thus helping others in theirs.
  • Come in contact with experts in that fields.
  • To create one global school with the plus points and best parts of each school. 
  • Disadvantage of online education is its boring as it is alone and itis not motivating as you are alone. My solution – online classroom but with 1000's of students with motivating daily goals etc.

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Thank you for your proposal.

Is this a concept designed by a student or by a teacher?  Also, the website doesnt work.

This concept is totally designed by me(a student). And actually I am having a few problems about the website, trying to fix asap.

Edits are due by January 29th. 


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