At this conference I hoped to listen about the use of mobile devices in education. Mobile learning quickly occupies the leading place in education. In the English classes I have taught over the years, I conducted several surveys with my students and found that 100% of the students had cell phones 10 years ago and now 95% of them have tablets and smart phones. This almost universal use of tablets and smart phones suggests that students cannot get by without mobile devices in their studying. Thas the task of teachers is to find the ways to use them effectively. Knowing that my students had these m-learning resources has given me the opportunity to use blended learning in teaching English, participate in international virtual projects and organize online chats with students of different countries. That is why I consider we can’t find better devices than tablets and smart phones to provide real intercultural communication and collaborative learning. Could you advise me any other conferences where mobile learning will be discussed? Thanks in advance.

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Prf. Tetiana Zubenko

at this conference

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In the past, there was a person who posted letters on long distance for telecommunication between two positions called Messenger the letter will have been receiving after one or more weeks as well as the reply posted with much more difficulties along the way in our country mean while there was not as advanced telecommunication media as today the communication couldn’t be performed clearly,
on time and well understandable, by the passage of time after Afghanistan got in to the circle of  New technology some communicative devices: Satellite, dispatch, telephone and mobile besides the social networks Facebook, Twitter, WeChat became familiar over the country that converted weeks’ period to second for telecommunication, was connecting us with the world people although was updating us for online changes over the world include all made much more facilities as telecommunication media in the country.

 But it is creating a lot of problems for 20th century Youths in our country now days, No prayers, no recitation of Holy Quran, no study and no attendance in an educational center just buy a Mobile phone with high price; charge the money to get free minutes for talking with unfamiliar girls and friends thus, activate free Internet Packages to create numbers of accounts via different names of girls for bothering girls and to keep uneducated boys busy with social networks 24 hours on the mobile phone along the way, at school, at home even in religious places which the result finally goes to Murder and lasting hostility.

Share your opinions on the question being asked below:
 What needs to be done for the removal of the miss concept (talking on mobile phone)  from youths’
and new generations' mind?


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