Literature should focus on the literary aspects of writing as English as a second language. The learning revolution of 2016 is to enhance students technical writing skills. Encourage diversity in writing. Modern Creative Writing is more than primitive speech. Creative Writing has become a thesaurus of words used to literary form. In fact words are powerful and meaningful to writing fiction, scripts and poetry. Words are the vision of writing style. Words set the tone of a story. Words invite added meaning to context. When words are used as a figure of speech, a relationship is developed between the reader and the author. Old school was a primary use to study within the primary context of the poem. New school should focus on the literary aspect expanding the artistry of the poet by playing with word choice. Words can be used to create a sense of description that can go beyond context. Words can be used to create feeling, attitude or emotions that are more meaningful than dialog or theory. Modern literature can become more organized to culture trends such as, poetic verse, spoken word, poetry slam and studied its form of writing style in the classroom. This, 2016, is the new generation of writers that have feelings to express. Have you ever watched the movie, Fame, Step Up, Save the Last Dance, Drum Line? This is the new wave generation of writing, music and dance have become. They are the viginellees of the learning revolution that dared to be different. They used old school with new school and made history because their form challenged the status quo and perfected a new form of technology in their field. Have you ever seen the movie, Freedom Writers and what impact the instructor had on her students. It is because she found a purpose and innovated an idea that became a success.

Sample Writing of Literary Analysis, by Author Angela Brown:




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Sorry the call for proposals ended last week. Additionally, you did not follow the required format for proposals. Try again next year! 

To learn and recognize the basic elements of literary text in formality to the elements of writing poetry.

Students will learn to identify through analyzing and reasoning verse and language by making comments.

Students will write poems and evaluate literature.

Students will become more familiar with modern terminology through reading analysis and evaluation reading and writing projects.

Students will gain knowledge on cultures, culture biases by exploring various writing experiences.

Students will discuss values and explore  trends in Angela Brown's writing sample so poems and literature.

Too late and still in the wrong format. You needed to read the directions on the call for propoals. The conference has started. And, students have to be presenting. This is not a conference with adult presenters unless they are presenting with students. Appy again next year! 


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