Best wishes for having healthy life and doing such adorable activities in the moments of your life, as everyone have a title for making discussion but now I am here with heart acceptable title which is about computer in human life, as the word computer acquaintance to us, and even we have access to computer and internet and here in such a fantastic project we even learn about computer and doing activities beside of that if that is through internet or without internet, actually we never discus about the computer, although we have fully able to do work on it and even we are using internet through that but we don’t know, is computer have a value in our life or not ??? and some of the people have good jobs cause of computer but they actually don’t know, does computer have impacts upon my life or not ??? so these are stuff things that we should know that what kind of roles computer has in humans lives as it is really useful because Schools rely on computers to make learning more effective by using audio visual aids.

This way, learners are able to proactively participate in learning. In addition, professors and lecturers are able to research and put together notes and lectures faster and more efficiently.

As it is also understandable that computers are used in hospitals to diagnose diseases and operate on patients. Hospital use of computers also includes maintaining an inventory of drugs and managing payroll for employees. Virtually all sectors of today’s economy use computers. For example, banks have automated teller machines that customers use to discharge cash conveniently instead of lining up in the banking hall.

In the transportation sector, passengers are able to get tickets faster. Similarly, in government offices, computers are used to keep, tabulate and store information and data. Examples include registration of citizens, registration of voters and issuance of travel and identification documents. Computers are also of vital use in all communication fields. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype are enabled by computers.

Through them and through other computer-assisted communication platforms, individuals and organizations can communicate with each other even with vast distances apart. For example, international franchises can hold meetings with clients via video conferencing and making communication with relatives, friends and others and it is known that life become easier with this such an affective technology so as everyone know, how useful computer is in our life and these were the short things that for every one computer has a different meaning and different value for being assistant with them so for me computer has a big role in my life, because through computer my life become professional it means once I was really lazy in the side of education and I really did not care about my education play with friends and doing fiddler I mean doing vain and nonessential activities that time when I wasn’t familiar with computer, so the first place where I have learn about computer was GCE/AYC through this project I got the ability to teach those things which I have learn, familiarity with computer was like finding the way to bright and successful life and beside of that I have great position in my school and feel a little modern and right now I can’t even explain the way that how computer assist my life also I learn lots of things from computer and I am really needy of it so any how this is really important that we have to care and know that what actually does computer mean to us in our life because all the member have access and use it.

Farid Ahmad Mohammadzai

World Service Round Helper of

(IPD-DD) International Peace Developments

with Different Departments

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