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This page is ONLY for presenters and volunteer moderators, as the links below are the moderator links for the conference session rooms. Please do not share or link to this page.


The Volunteer Lounge

The volunteer lounge is the Blackboard Collaborate room which will be open during the whole conference, where volunteers will report to get assignments for sessions, and where presenters can visit to get any help that they need at any time during the conference. The conference lounge is entered by clicking

We recommend that volunteer moderators keep both the volunteer lounge room and any room in which they are moderating open at the same time.

Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to locate your session.

Sabeha Ahmed, Patience Boateng, Victor Salinas, and Christian Melendez LINK A Cross-Cultural Game Design Process Abroad
Josephine Olivia Scherer and Erin Odegaard Orletsky LINK AP Statistics Video Project - Body Image
Rishi Upadhyay LINK Applications of VR in Education - Enhancing Physics Simulations
Sarah Hohman and Ellianna Fry LINK Build Your Legacy Entrepreneurship Competition
Abhijith K.S. LINK CLASS: Connected Learning Activities through Social Service
Sanjana Akula LINK Connecting Science and Business: Integrating 3-D Printing into School Clubs and Encouraging Innovation
Margaret "Laney" Blair LINK Finding and Using Great Open Source Media
Yaşar Baturalp Artar and Tunahan Sari LINK Creating a video game which includes educational elements
Daniella Student LINK Econ-Mania!: Social Media-Based Financial Budgeting App
Margaret "Laney" Blair LINK Finding and Using Great Open Source Media
Cheyenne Brooks and Eunice Daudu LINK Flies and Phenotypes: Our Genetics Lab Experience
Simran Sehdev LINK Focus on how to BE Social, not on how to DO Social....
Ms. Amna Habiba LINK Food wastage and its management through social media
Shubam Verma and Simran Sehdev LINK Freelance a Need for Students
Chloe Young with Aeron Young (8th Grade, Hwa Chong Institution) LINK Health Application using Sensors
Valeria Ventura Subirachs LINK How high school students are already making a difference toward the detection of gravitational waves.
Cheyenne Brooks and Kimora Kong LINK How We Created Our School's First S.T.E.M. Week
Darina Prokopenko and Anastasia Koroliuk LINK Interactive presentations in learning
Madhu Manivannan LINK Iota Piscium - the app to safer household devices
Robert Hernandez LINK Keynote: Jovrnalism
Coco Kaleel LINK Keynote: Making a Low-Temperature Differential Stirling Engine
Evan Wesley LINK Keynote: Thirst Project
Krish Mehra LINK Kids Learning How to Code
Student Team LINK Multilingual Multicultural Multimedia: Globally Connected Mobile Learning Projects
Caroline Lin LINK Next Generation Sequencing of Urine Specimens: A Novel Platform for Genomic Analysis in Patients with Bladder Cancer
Jacob Langhoff LINK Rapture: An Underwater Future
Hattie Compton-Moen LINK Sharing the Robotics Love!
Tammy Ng and Connie Lee LINK Solar Motor
Luma Juma’a and Dunia Basaleh LINK The Future with Power and Confidence
Bradley Cooper LINK TSA With The Willard Middle School
Student Team LINK Veggie World - from sustainability to enterpreneurship

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