2016 Recordings

Session and Keynote Recordings

As conference sessions conclude, the links below will begin to take you to the recordings. No results for a link could indicate the session has not been held yet, the recording has not processed yet, or the session was cancelled. 

You can check out the #StuTech2016 Keynote sessions on YouTube!

Listings are alphabetical by the last name of the primary presenter. Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search.

6th Grade Students RECORDING iBooks in the Classroom
Laney Blair RECORDING Screenwriting Basics for Film and Other Media
Andrew Blum RECORDING Silicon Alley Trek -- Forming Your Entrepreneurial Network
Cheyenne Brooks RECORDING Robotics: Our Journey and Discoveries
Victoria Constant RECORDING Encouraging Girls' Interest in STEAM Through Programming with Scratch
Brad Cooper RECORDING 1:1 Where every 1 matters
Eunice Daudu RECORDING Oh Snap! -Connecting Students Through Snapchat
Amy Demchak RECORDING Virtual Enterprises
Mamadou Diallo RECORDING The Young Hackers
Olivia Fishman RECORDING Your 3D printed classroom: Bringing 3D printing to school projects
Bennett H and Carson P RECORDING How to Use 3d-Printing in Your Classes: 3d Printing Uses and Simple Designing
Dallin Harper RECORDING The Science of Small" An Introduction to Nanotechnology
Katie Hayes RECORDING Video Technology and its Affect on a Lower School Environment
Quratulain Hussain RECORDING Benefits of social media in EFL classrooms
Coco Kaleel RECORDING Making Makers: A Drill Press is a Girl's Best Friend (A Boy's, too)
Gurpreet Kaur RECORDING Creating Global Citizens
Miriam Khazanov RECORDING Racket Buddy
Grace Ling RECORDING Using Social Media to Motivate Students and Expand Classroom Boundaries
Sophia Ling RECORDING Developing Leadership Skills via Extracurricular Activities
Chloe Lombardi RECORDING How to Build Your Own Student-run, Non-profit Food Stand
Teresa MacKinnon RECORDING Navigating the digital for learning
Manav Maini RECORDING To spread creativity and innovation through 3D designing by learning it in your classes.
Ben Neeman RECORDING L2T (Learn To Text)
Molly Paul RECORDING An Introduction to Roots & Shoots and How it Uses Mapping to Serve
Aruna Prasad RECORDING A Comprehensive Curriculum to Prepare Students for Innovation and Leadership in Technology
Tanmay Rao RECORDING Social Entrepreneurship in Education: Engaging Students for Change
Simran Sehdev RECORDING Not to use Social Media to impress people, but to impact people.
Sydney Sheren RECORDING Small Talk about Small Tech
Kirill Truhan RECORDING Think Different Educational Tools 2016EdTechTools

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