Reinventing the Classroom 2014 Kudos

  • Love it!
    -Kim Caise
  • Totally enjoying it! So much great information to help me in my work toward reinventing the classroom
    -BJ Bagwell
    West Georgia, USA
  • So far, so great!
    -Joanne Andrews
    United States
  • Love it
    -Adam Carter
  • Sitting in my pajamas while getting amazing PD.... Priceless
    -David Karnoscak
    Chicago, IL USA
  • So far, so awesome!
    -Clarissa Reeson
    Northern California
  • Enriching, inspiring, encouraging!
    -Fabiana Casella
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Wonderful!
    -Shayne Train
    Toronto, Canada
  • The conference is a way for educators to step out of their comfort zone and expose their teaching practice to new ideas. Thanks for the opportunity.
    -Sue Bedard
    United States
  • Great!
    -Dejan Kreculj
  • What a conference! Its spinning by too fast...cant quite catch my breath!
    -William Henderson
  • Very good!!!
  • Me gustaría acceder a la conferencia grabada, no tome apuntes, de lo explicito de la exposiciòn
  • Very beneficial
  • Looking forward to watching the recordings.
    -Sherrilynn Bair
    Blackfoot, Idaho, USA

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