Reinventing the Classroom is focused on innovative uses of ed tech for classroom practices. Proposals are encouraged, but not limited to, the following strands:

1. Teaching with Technology (strand tag - "teaching")

Examples:  Pedagogy & Practice, Advocacy, Research, Classroom Management, Classroom Spaces, Grading and Assessment, Technology and the Common Core, Assistive Technologies, Digital Citizenship / Literacies, the Future of Textbooks, and Open Educational Resources

2. Student Devices (strand tag - "devices")

Examples: 1:1 Initiatives, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs, Mobile Devices, Response Systems, etc.

3.  Online Learning (strand tag - "online")

Examples:  Flipped Classrooms, Blended Learning, Distance Learning, Virtual Classrooms, Personal(ized) Learning, Mobile Learning, Global Classroom Connections, and Video Conference Guests.

4.  Subject Specific Ed Tech (strand tag - "specific")

Examples:  English, Language Teaching, Social Studies, History, STEM, etc.

5.  Creative Ed Tech
(strand tag - "creative")

Examples:  Makerspaces, Digital Storytelling, Digital Writing, Gamification, Game-Based Learning, and Virtual Environments.

6.  Web 2.0 & Social Software (strand tag - "web20")

Examples:  Blogging, Wikis, Twitter, Podcasting, Social Networking, and Personal Learning Networks (Student and Teacher).

7.  Administrative Support (strand tag - "admin")

Examples: Technology Integration, Policy Issues, Privacy & the Cloud, Funding, Equity, Ethics, and Accessibility.

We recognize there is overlap between categories, and that presentations will also often fall in multiple categories. Proposals may indicate more than one strand, and you may enter any other keywords for proposals to help others to find proposal topics.


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