Strands (2016)

Strand 1: Making, Design, and 3D Printing

Strand Tag: “2016Making”

This track focuses on the emerging areas of maker education, design, innovation and entrepreneurship.  Presentations assigned to this strand should focus on any of the following concepts:

  • Innovative student making and design projects

  • Student developed tutorials for 3D equipment

  • Exemplary student-driven programs and projects

  • Student perspectives on maker education

  • Reframing classes from a project-based perspective

Strand 2: Projects and Collaborations

Strand Tag: “2016Projects”

As global citizens, it is important for students to connect and collaborate, while addressing and solving real-world problems.  Topics in this strand may include:

  • Student-developed and initiated global programs

  • Sharing of digital resources

  • Student networking and social collaboration opportunities

  • Exemplary student projects

  • Best practices in developing student projects and collaborations

Strand 3: Educational Tools

Strand Tag: “2016EdTechTools”

With every day that passes, it seems like a new technology tool comes to the forefront.  Students are often the early adopters of these tools, as they eventually make their way into the classroom.  Submissions can focus on:

  • Web 2.0 applications

  • Applications of commonly used software

  • Readily available technologies

  • Mobile technologies

  • Emerging educational technology tools

  • Student-designed and produced educational technology tools

Strand 4: Students and Social Media

Strand Tag: “2016SocialMedia”

Students use social media to engage in conversations and explore interests in both public and private spaces.  Submissions can focus on:

  • Best practices for social media in the classroom

  • Innovative use of social media as a collaborative tool

  • Using social media to effect social change

  • Harnessing social media for learning

Strand 5: Entrepreneurship

Strand Tag: “2016Entrepreneurship”

More and more schools are developing and implementing entrepreneurship classes.  This offers students the opportunity for students to develop mindsets, solve problems and develop new skills.  Submissions in this area can focus on:

  • Students as entrepreneurs

  • Best practices for entrepreneurship in schools

  • Student-run entrepreneurship clubs

Strand 6: Technology and Social Justice

Strand Tag: “2016SocialJustice”

Technology, in combination with social media, provide a unique platform to engage students in understanding social justice issues as well as give them the opportunity to challenge, shape and change the world. Submissions in this area can focus on:

  • Best practices for using technology to address social justice issues.
  • Student projects that connect technology and social justice concerns
  • Involving the student body in social justice initiatives through technology


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