As a follow up of our presentation at Student Technology Conference, students of Santa Cruz High School

  1. Muhammed Mufsal
  2. Muhammed Fardeen
  3. Gladwin Xavier

have taken up an  activity showcasing their ENTREPRENEURSHIP. They have started working on setting up a Community Learning Centre at their own school - Santa Cruz High School.

As India has not conducted a Global Education Conference yet, we take our baby steps towards making that happen - EduconIndia.

As volunteers, this team and their mothers plan to get our friend Veronica Woo to cut the ribbon inaugurating the Community Learning Centre at St Albert's School.

Veronica and her friends, visited Kerala in June 2017 towards a Cultural Exchange these proactive students.

Global Teacher Garden

Santa Cruz School plants 50 saplings in honor of 50 teachers selected by the Board of Global Teacher Prize. Following the planting, 50 students will connect with their adopted mentors (Gurus) online to learn how the global educators lead their students.

These student entrepreneurs will blog, vlog and wiki their learning from the Global Teachers to make a difference to education here in India.

Sophia Lawrence, Head Teacher at Santa Cruz High School will lead this team.  The school blog is

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